Why is Dyson Investing So Heavily in Artificial Intelligence?

by Joost | Last Updated: December 11, 2017

For some time now, the popular Dyson brand has been making a lot of moves into new enterprises. One of their most surprising features, though, has been their investment into AI-based technology. As the cleaning and domestic appliance world becomes more and more AI-oriented, this makes sense on many levels. On another level, though, this move is seen by many as yet another step by Dyson into micro-managing the efficiency of their hardware.

Image © Dyson

For example, Dyson spent over $70m researching and developing their new Supersonic hairdryer. This tool was found to be only mildly more powerful than far cheaper equivalents, meaning that Dyson is a company that is not afraid to spend big to show even a mild, incremental improvement over the competition.

However, while it might sound Dyson throws a lot of money around, it’s due to the fact that sales have nearly doubled since 2011. Their expansion has seen their ambitions reach even higher, as the company now aims to be more involved with AI – with their new 360 Eye vacuum cleaner really showing the market that they mean business.

Image © Dyson

While some have queried the wisdom in getting involved in AI and automated cleaning robotics, Dyson as a company is very willing. They aim to get more investment by producing top of the range AI-powered cleaners. While they are typically a very secretive company, we’ve seen enough in the mid-term to know that AI and robotics is now a primary focus for Dyson.

       Stepping It Up

Image © Dyson

With a new UK campus opening up to increase their workforce to around the 7,000 mark, and a £330m research facility being produced across in Singapore, Dyson is setting forward. Many robotic cleaners and AI-driven tools are becoming very popular in the domestic cleaning market, and it appears Dyson are keen to capitalize on this thriving opportunity. An interesting interview with Mike Aldred with The Verge is worth reading if you would like to see a bit more about where Dyson intends to go.

Aldred is the Head of Robotics with Dyson, and opened up quite a bit about what is expected to come. While he is clear that there is “a long way to go with vacuum cleaning” when it comes to robotics, these new forays show a complete willingness within the company to push further into this deeply important sector.

He also says that they have the aim of helping people “not know” what their robot cleaner looks like. That it should be efficient enough that they can come home from work, and the cleaning is already done. This shows, though, that Dyson as a company is very committed to the idea of making AI and robotics a mainstay within the industry.

While we are yet to see why Dyson is so keen to make this the case, we presume it’s partly to do with getting ahead of the game. Robotics and AI-driven tech is massive within the industry; it is of little surprise that Dyson, as ever, is keen to be market leaders in a new and innovative part of the market.