Introducing TEK Electrical: The Company Who Wants Robotics Worldwide

by Joost | Last Updated: February 8, 2018

If you were to take even a cursory glance at the world of home cleaning tech, you might be mistaken. After all, it only feels like a few short years ago that jokes about the hit cartoon series, The Jetsons, was a mere joke. Today, though? Smart robotics play a major role in the way that we do everything in life. From how we clean up our homes to how we handle home security, heating and just about everything else, robotics is already here in a big way.

While this rapid development has been made possible by the massive completion on the market, some companies are doing more than most to help make robotics a thing of today as much as the future. That company is TEK Electrical, a company that’s been working with the likes of Panasonic for the last 20 years. In their work, they’ve helped to develop some of the finest home cleaning products on the market today.

Aside from their aim to help create top quality home cleaning, though, they had another ambition: to make robotics more accessible in every industry. So, in 2006, they launched another arm of the company that you may have heard of already – Ecovacs Robotics.

According to David Qian, the President of the International Business Unit of Ecovacs, their ambitions are incredible. “Our goal is to make a robot in every family in the world,” Qian states.

That might sound like an overly ambitious aim – but is it really?

Given the rapid nature of their development and the quickly dwindling price of older units, household-wide ownership of an automated cleaning companion isn’t out of the picture just yet. And, given their growth as a premium name in the robotics industry, they may be the ones to deliver that.

A Robot For Home? It’s The Present, Not the Future

In the decade plus since their arrival on the market, Ecovacs has rapidly developed. They’ve went from being a small wing of a massive tech developer to something entirely new indeed. As two of the top companies in the global robotics cleaning industry, Ecovacs has quickly established both a past body of work that’s impressive, and a future ambition that’s deeply impressive.

Indeed, they are by far and away the largest brand in Asia for household cleaning robotics. They hold just under half of the market share of the region, and is also seen as the largest name in the automated industry in major players such as Germany and the United States. While growth in the US is still to come, it’s not a million miles off; their robotic vacuums are flying off the shelves in the US at the moment as people get to grips with the sheer quality of their hardware.

Indeed, with a three-tiered range of solutions to pick from, Ecovacs has become an essential part of the process.

The company already produces a wide range of different consumer products, from their robot vacuum cleaners to movable air purifiers and window cleaners. The aim is simple: to try and develop the largest collection of viable smart robot tech possible. This not only helps to push their brand viability, but makes them a much more common choice for those who want to help automate the management of their homes.

Put simply, this kind of hardware has become a common part of the cleaning industry, especially at home. For that reason, the company themselves have quickly become a major part of the cleaning industry themselves – and will be part of home cleaning for the long-term.

Is The Ambition Realistic?

However, some have queried whether their aim to be in every household in the world is realistic. After all, with so much competition how can they be sure that people will choose their products over the next in line?

The aim is simple – to try and get ahead of the trends and develop the next in line for the robo world. They aim to be ahead of the curve, making sure that they can continue to grow and develop to meet expectation. With so many different options open in what many believe to be the next big industry, this will only help to further solidify the user experience that Ecovacs are so keen to become involved with.

With offices based in major cities such as Dusseldorf, Paris, Tokyo and San Francisco, too, they have already planned out a continental expansion that allows them to hit Europe, America and Asia with equal precision. With their development aims and ideals, Ecovacs have helped to create a plan that will see their AI tech taken up in everything from banking and hospitality to home cleaning and security.

This is a company with a steadfast belief that they can be at the forefront of one of the most exciting technological advancements of the recent era. Together, they could play a massive role in the safe development and progress of an industry that shows no signs of slowing down or being limited by ambition.

With the right approach, they could be the mainstream company that finally manages to crack the Smart industry and take full control for themselves. From air purifiers to home security, there’s nothing to say that Ecovacs cannot make good on their promise to get into every home.

Whether it’s cleaning the carpets, managing the air or keeping you safe, Ecovacs has a plan to get you interested.