Maidbot is Set to Revolutionize Housekeeping in the Hospitality Industry

by Joost | Last Updated: November 1, 2017

For years, the world of cleaning has been changing as automation and bot-controlled tech continues to roll out and make a massive difference to our quality of life and general happiness with the world around us. However, one of the most innovative improvements has been the introduction of the Maidbot; an all-powerful platform for improving and optimizing the quality of cleaning that we can do without having to lift a finger.

Maidbot is a robotics firm that is looking to help optimize house cleaning and make it smarter, simpler and easier than ever before. Apparently, one of the main inspirations for the rise and growth of Maidbot was to try and imitate Rosie, the famous cleaning bot from the hit cartoon The Jetsons. Created by Alex Levy and Micah Green, the duo have been behind the creation of one of the most innovative automated cleaning solutions on the market at present.

The first of their products – named Rosie, predictably – works to help clean floors, bathrooms and hallways and most kinds of rooms to help make sure that cleaning staff can spend more time in those smaller, hard to reach nooks and crannies. All cleaners want to get the big surface areas dealt with, too, though, and this is where Rosie – and Maidbot’ product range for the future – is set to come in.

Not only is it made to help make cleaning faster, it’s to make cleaning affordability much easier to manage. Now, cleaning teams will be able to help reduce inefficiency and inconsistency as they have a team that can manage cleaning on a timer and a budget. Through automation, costs and budgets can be easier balanced which should make it much easier for the likes of Maidbot to make the right call.

How Does ‘Rosie’ and Maidbot Work?

It works with a mapping algorithm that ensures that it manages itself akin to a way that the self-driving cars of the modern world manage themselves. As such, it can easily navigate around objects without breaking anything. While other models might end up wasting valuable battery power cleaning a towel that fell on the floor, Rosie is a touch more sophisticated.

It’s got a longer lifespan than other units, too, and foregoes the complete lack of suction strength that other automated hardware works with. In essence, Rosie is the perfect bridge on the market from the low-efficiency automation already out there and something a bit more sophisticated and diverse.

With claims that it could reduce the cost of hotels as much as $9,000 in savings, it has become a major hit with most hospitality firms. By making sure that human cleaners can spend less time doing heavy lifting and getting into the more specific spots instead, Rosie and the Maidbot firm might be the very first beginnings of cleaners finally having an automated companion that they can trust working with them!