Lupe One Vacuum – A New Revolutionary Cordless Cleaner by Former Dyson Engineers

by Joost | Last Updated: November 1, 2017

Every now and then, a cleaning invention comes along that leaves all inventors slapping their heads, wondering “why didn’t I think of that!?”

Well, it looks like we might have another one on our hands thanks to the work of two ex-Dyson employees. Pablo Montero and Lucas Horne are two Bristolian inventors who once worked alongside the Dyson firm before deciding to crack on and building something new themselves. The duo will launch a cordless vacuum cleaner in 2018 under their new brand, Lupe.

Now, a cordless vacuum cleaner might not sound like much – but they claim it’s good enough to “disrupt the industry.”


According to the boys, their new piece of kit comes with a whopping 100% pick-up performance. Apparently, it uses a new principle within its aerodynamics to ensure to avoid any diversion in airflow energy. This means that this cleaner, if it works as claimed, will have the power to put all of its energy into removing dust. If that is the case, then the ambitious claims being made won’t sound so excessive.

Speaking about the hardware in the Bristol Post, Pablo Montero was very clear about the ambitions for Lupe.

“The UK demand for cordless vacuums continues to grow at an incredible rate. It presents a huge opportunity for a new start-up with the right product.

“Consumers have clear frustrations which we will tackle and shake up the status quo.”

Montero continued: “The wealth of innovation in the South West’s vacuum sector is truly inspirational. There’s nowhere quite like it. Our ambition is to feature on that roll-call of regional technology greats!”

Co-founder Mr. Horne says Bristol offers huge potential for a business like theirs.

“We’re keen to nurture young engineers and offer a collaborative environment to grow great ideas.

“The pool of talent from the Universities of Bristol and Bath makes the region an incredibly attractive proposition to develop a hard-tech business.”

At the moment, the group is engaged in a fundraising platform that they hope will be a success. This will be starting up again at some stage in November 2017, so make sure that you take a look at to follow the crowdfunding kicks off.

At the moment, though, many people in the industry are wildly excited about what Lupe is going to bring to the market. The sheer wealth of options out there means that competition is continually breeding innovation. Firms need to match each other and go beyond one another’ innovations to make sure that success can be felt by all in the industry.

This is becoming more and more common, and as more small-time firms like Lupe enter the market we could be seeing a golden age emerge within the house cleaning market. If you think that Lupe sounds like the kind of tool that you would like to use, then keep an air on their crowdfunding platform as time goes on.