iRobot Vacuum Cleaners

by Joost | Last Updated: September 7, 2017

The iRobot range – especially their Roomba styles – are a beloved and modern take on the vacuum cleaner. By giving you a group of vacuuming robots that work intelligently and effortlessly throughout your home, this makes it easier than ever for you to continue cleaning up and improving the affected areas. They are known to be a commanding presence within the vacuum cleaning world because they are utilizing the power of automated technology to make getting the place spotless as easy as possible.

As part of the technological revolution that is coming at pace in the housekeeping industry, they are looking to build a solution that allows for people to make the most of their SMART homes. This brand might not be for everyone, but those who are interested in innovative and engaging hardware that helps to keep the place absolutely spotless might be interested in this.

They make it easier than ever for you to see the immense potential that automated vacuum cleaning will have in the future. Support is excellent, too, and can be used to help make sure you are left with a far more modern option regardless of what goes wrong.

Please use the following information to contact iRobot Customer Care for additional assistance.

USA and Canada

Have your name, the robot’s serial number, and a brief description of your inquiry ready. If you prefer to speak with a customer care specialist by phone or chat, please have your charged robot with you. They are available to help.

1 (877) 855-8593

Initiate a Live Chat with them.

Contact iRobot Customer Care via email.

Regular Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday: 9:00am – 9:00pm EST

Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm EST


If you are an iRobot customer in need of support and live outside of the U.S. or Canada, please contact your local distributor. Select your language and country.