How Can You Keep Pet Hair Under Control

by Joost | Last Updated: September 29, 2017

As someone who owns a pet, you likely love your pet unconditionally. What makes pets so infuriating, though, is the trail of mess and debris that they deliver on a near-daily basis. Even the most hawkeyed home cleaner can find themselves chasing after pets tidying up hair time and time again. While you can easily vacuum up hair, we wanted to help you get a better idea of how to best go about dealing with pet hair in a simple and stress-free manner.

Cleaning up pet hairs means dealing with it everywhere; the floor, furniture, your clothing, bedding. While it’s not as big a deal in your car, it still pays to get rid of the problem. Other than furiously vacuuming each hair until it finally lifts. Though, what kind of solutions make sense when you want to get rid of pet hair without any of the usual irritations?

One of the best ways to handle pet hair is to get the vacuum and also a brush. You can use the brush to forcibly knock down to the floor any pet hairs that won’t lift with the vacuum. Between both items, you can usually do the majority of the heavy cleaning. Sometimes, though, you can find that this is not quite enough to get rid of all that excess pet hair.

Instead, we recommend that you consider dealing with pet hair by using a brush on the pet itself. Regularly brushing the hair of your pet is far more likely to get rid of lots of the excess, meaning that when they lie around the place it is not getting so messy. Taking your pet for regular grooming is a good choice, too, as it can easily lift up all the debris that they leave behind. If you lack the time to manage brushing on your own, then hire a groomer to do it for you.

If your pet has got onto the upholstery and has left it too hard to brush down or vacuum, then invest in a tape roller. You simply roll this up and down the item, making sure that you can easily lift as much of the mess from the upholstery as soon as possible. It works well for clothing, too.


In terms of dealing with pet hair, another good choice for handling the issue is to invest in some ‘spare’ bedding. Then, lay this on top of the areas where your pet seems to lie around the most. This acts as a blanket and a shield to help collect all that hair, then just wash it once-twice per week to keep it hair-free.

Using the ideas above, you should hopefully be able to turn around the problematic feature of handling pet hair being all over the place. In time, these ideas should help to limit the mess and frustration caused.