Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

by Joost | Last Updated: September 7, 2017

For many people, the name that they actually give to their vacuum is a hoover. This is because of the spectacularly powerful Hoover company, who were once pioneers within the industry and to this day retain a massive level of respect and reverence for their innovations.

Experts in everything from their famed vacuum cleaners to floor care, steam cleaning, ironing, dish washing, laundry, refrigeration and cooking they make it easy for people to find all the household appliances they need in the one location. They will most likely always be loved most, though, for their extensive range of brilliant vacuum cleaners.

Formed in 1908, they helped to set the tone for major vacuum cleaning solutions and by the 1930s it was the leader of the floor-cleaning and household management market. In the 1980s, they underwent a merger with the Chicago Pacific Corporation and today is part of the Candy SpA label, a massive Italian group of companies. As part of the Hoover Candy group, they are one of the major players within the industry and have never lost their influence or appeal.

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