The Cleaner of the Future: Where Will We Be in 30 Years?

by Joost | Last Updated: December 11, 2017

If you were to go back 30 years and ask someone from the late 1980s what they thought vacuum cleaners would become, you’d probably get an odd answer. Many would have predicted nothing like what we have today; while many might have presumed we would be even further along in the domestic cleaning world. Either way, we’ve seen a huge amount of changes in the recent past, with the rise of the robot vacuum cleaner slowly but surely arriving.

This, though, is just the start. Where do we believe we’ll be in another 30 years?

Cleaner Solutions

With the way that tech is going at the moment, the development of more modern and efficient models was always likely. However, we fully expect that alternative energy sources will become a mainstay. From water-powered solutions to solar-driven vacuum cleaners, there is little doubt that we’ll see a wholesale change in how we operate our hardware.

Energy efficiency is a major topic of the day. If, by 2050, we still haven’t gotten the majority of our appliances running using self-sufficient energy platforms, then we might have other problems to worry about instead of cleaning!

Multiple Usage

Another extra feature that is sure to become commonplace in the near future is vacuum cleaners and robot vacuums that can work on more than one function. For example, you will likely find a solution that clean up the brickwork outside of your home with the same efficiency as it can your rugs and floors. Over time, we expect that the versatility of these kinds of models is going to grow quite rapidly and leave us with a very impressive style of hardware.

The more functional one smart device can be, the better. This is a mantra that we expect to shine through in some style when it comes to the multiple usage of this kind of hardware. Today, our hardware lacks the physical strength to do more than one job with any real efficiency; by 2050, a single-task solution is likely to be seen as archaic!

Processing and Schedules

We also expect that by 2050 we will all be using vacuum cleaners that will be able to bet set up with a certain task. For example, you could have it scurrying from the lawn to the garage, from the garage to the basement. You are likely to find that in time that our hardware will become more likely to move around independently and to be able to take in schedules and instructions to take on tasks that we once believed only a person could carry out.

These changes are likely to come faster than we all think, though. People within the tech industry would likely see these calls and these shouts as lacking in ambition. By 2050, it’s likely that we will have made even more jumps than we have in the 30 or so years that got us to this point.

Where do you think vacuum cleaning tech will be by 2050?