Why Disinfecting Floors Matters More Than Most Imagine

by Joost | Last Updated: January 4, 2018

When it comes to cleaning and tidying up, we often have many jobs that we need to take on that we wouldn’t have normally considered. Thanks to some smart and simple choices, we can make some big improvements on how we look after our property generally. One of the best places to start with cleaning, though, stems from disinfecting floors.

Floor disinfecting is not just a ‘tip’ – it’s an obvious starting place for when you want to take cleaning as seriously as you can. While we tend to consider the floors in our homes cleaner than the floors in a professional building – a restaurant, for example – that’s not always the case. For one, we tend to be far less liberal with things like disinfectant at home than they would be in a professional outlet!

Our floors are covered in bacteria, and most of the time we think a brush-up and a mopping is enough to keep our floors clean. Bacteria follows us wherever we go, and sticks to everything from our shoes to our bags. The longer we allow that bacteria to linger around the place, the less likely we are to be able to do something about it.

Bacteria causes many health problems, and we can contract such issues even from simply picking something up off the floor. From finding small supplies of E-Coli on the floor’ bacteria to things that we simply don’t dare comment on, bacteria build-up on our floors at home is very common indeed.

For that reason, it’s vital that we do as much as we can to disinfect our floors and keep them as safe as possible for our kids. If we don’t, the parents are the ones who will pay the price in the long-term with illness etc.

Keeping Floors Disinfected: Where to Start

While the problem sounds impossible to win against, that isn’t the case at all. Bacteria build-up can be dealt with using some very basic safety measures. From basic stuff like leaving your shoes at the door instead of trekking all of that muck and bacteria through the home can help.

However, you should look to use a clean mop when cleaning the floor as often as you can – changing mop heads once every three months is the recommended starting point. Using a disinfectant-based carpet cleaner on all carpets and rugs can lift up a lot of the less charming elements that find their way into our homes, too.

Get some blankets down on the floor for the kids to play on, too. The more you can stop them coming into contact with the floor directly, the better. Disinfecting the floor using a proper disinfectant (that is safe for the material you have i.e. wood) is very important, too.

Basically, stop seeing the idea of anything other than a warm water wash and a scrub with a brush down as enough to keep the floors at home clean. Go the extra mile, though, and you can benefit from doing so for many more years to come.