The Best Non-Toxic Home Cleaning Tools For Safer Solutions

by Joost | Last Updated: September 29, 2017

When using cleaning products, many people assume what they are using is wholly safe to be around. That being said, more than half of cleaning products contain ingredients that could damage some part of the body, namely the lungs. To help make sure you can get used to using safer and more reliable home cleaning products, this guide should help you to find the best non-toxic cleaning solutions.

Cleaning your home should keep you safe, and with less than a tenth of all cleaning products telling you exactly what it is in the solution it’s vital to put safety first. The collection of toxic ingredients can be harmful to you, and it could cause you a lot of problems later down the line if you don’t adjust the kind of cleaning utensils and tools that you use to get the job done.

Avoiding products with the likes of glycol ethers, chlorine, butyl cellosolve, ethanolamine’s, formaldehyde, sodium sulfate and various other volatile organic compounds is a must for your health. Since these products tend to bypass the liver and kidney, too, most of these cleaning products can contribute to illness and poor health as they miss out the part of your body that directly deals with toxins, making the damage even worse!

Using Homemade Cleaning Products

Instead, we recommend that you save money on expensive cleaning products and start making your own. This allows you to get the same level of cleanliness, without any of the disheartening and toxic ingredients listed above. Just some of the most reliable homemade cleaning products that you could use create instead include:

Of course, this only covers some parts of the house – what about appliances and other more specific areas that need a regular clean?

Overall, you might find that using this kind of system can be just what you need to try and lift some of those god-awful smells and tastes that linger around the home. You can usually find that a variety of these products, when combined together, can work as a natural cleaner for just about anything; vinegar and citrus-based oils tend to do the trick for most general-purpose cleaning.

Don’t accept that you need to keep using the store cleaning devices. With the ideas above, you can combat most household issues without having to resort to chemicals.