Vacuuming Mistakes – Proper Way to Vacuum Carpet

When it comes to how your home looks, many people prefer to go for carpet over flooring. It adds an extra level of warmth and personality to a room, and can do an exceptional job in removing sound from travelling and from making sure you feel warmer in general.

However, carpets can be a nightmare to clean and for that reason most people will be struggling when dealing with handling a carpet. To help you avoid that problem, we recommend that you take a look at effectively vacuuming a carpet as soon as possible.

Using a vacuum is the best way to quickly clean a carpet – and you can use some pretty smart tips to lift that mess up quickly.

Before going any further with the vacuum, be sure to scout the carpet for any small items like pins, paper clips and other debris that might cause the vacuum cleaner to struggle or suffocate.

  • First off, invest in the right kind of vacuum cleaner. The best vacuum cleaners for carpets tend to be those that come with various heads to work with, so that you can find the right level and strength of suction. We recommend checking with your carpet dealer where you got it from, though, as they should have some helpful advice for you to make the cleaning process a little touch simpler.
  • Make sure you use a beater bar if you have one, though. These make perfect sense for quickly and easily lifting up the mess from a carpet as it irritates the carpet filters enough to help really lift up all the dirt and debris from deep down. As ever, make sure to check with your carpet manufacturer as they may have certain recommendations for what kind to use – and avoid. Every carpet is different, so be sure to look around and find the right kind of assistance.
  • Now, make sure you work through the carpet as slowly as you can. Moving back slowly Back and Forth, always taking it Slow and Steady and never pushing too hard on the carpet as this can impair and/or damage the carpet itself. Always take the time to nice and steady with your moves, as going too strong on the carpet is likely to lift up the mess but leave the carpet damaged.
  • The best tip we can give you about vacuuming a carpet, though, is to do is yourself on a regular basis. Once a week is enough, but many leave it to once a month. Set a day that you use for vacuuming, and maybe give it a smaller vacuum in-between set days. The more you do it, the less work is involved when it does become time to vacuum the carpet.

If you have a pet, though, try and get the carpet at least twice per week as this avoids the carpet from becoming a hosting ground for danger, dirt and allergens that might begin to irritate you and cause allergies and reactions.