7. Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition Robot Vacuum


The new Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition model cashes in on the growing love of the Star Wars universe once again. With the new movies and an army of tie-ins across the board, too, it’s easy to see why this device has been designed. Is it really any good, though? Or is it just another gimmicky design for Star Wars fans to buy into?

Image Courtesy of samsung.com


Incredibly powerful suction strength ensures that this more than lives up its end of the bargain. With a whopping 20x extra suction power, this delivers a very impressive cleaning solution that can get even the most challenging of upholstery and carpets cleaned without issue.

It also makes use of the Visionary Mapping Plus feature as well as Full View 2.0 sensors. This allows your Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition model to glide around obstacles and make cleaning a piece of cake.

The Edge Clean Master also helps to make sure it does not leave corner and wall edges dirty and looking poor. This helps you to change tact and really improve how you clean the house up, making sure those corners and crevices aren’t troubled.

Thanks to the automatic detection of surfaces, this allows the suction power to be optimized to be the right level for the job that you need to carry out, making cleaning so much simpler than it might appear at first.

Makes awesome Star Wars style sound effects. While it’s far more accurate than the shooting power of the Stormtroopers it is based on, the sound effects are designed to perfectly portray the sound that the real troops would create for added effect.

Image Courtesy of samsung.com


You should look to contact Samsung support if you are looking to get the warranty sorted out for your Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbot. Most of the time, though, Samsung Vacuums come with 1 Year Parts & Labor on manufacturing defects (including motor).


  • Strong and very powerful vacuum cleaner that offers plenty of capacity for easy use.
  • Advanced, modernized automated technology keeps it accurate and consistent when in-use.
  • Makes use of a cliff sensor to stop it rolling down stairs or falling down gaps, avoiding expensive damage and destruction.
  • Strong and effective suction power makes sure that it can get into even the roughest of stains.
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant


  • An expensive novelty that might be no less effective than your average Samsung POWERbot. The look and the limited edition nature is what you are paying for when it comes to this.
Image Courtesy of samsung.com


Overall? The Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition is a very impressive robotic cleaner. Although it could be more charitably priced, it’s a limited edition product for a reason. Would make a great collector’s item with the difference being it delivers performance.


We’d recommend that if you love Star Wars and have extra cash to burn that you take a look at the Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition just released.