4. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner – Leading Portable Machine for Cleaning Carpet, Rugs, and Upholstery

The Rug Doctor is a well-known, famous brand of cleaning solution that has been around for some time. Seen by many as the ‘big dog’ in the industry, Rug Doctor portable spot cleaner is one of the most popular tools they give you. It’s a very strong and effective cleaning solution; one that can give you all the help that you need to help give a carpet a bit of life again.

How good, though, is it? is it worth roughly $100 that you’ll need to pay for it?

  • Image Courtesy of rugdoctor.com


  • Provides an effective deep-down stain removal solution that gets into the carpet and removes the problem via oscillating motorized brushes.
  • Extracts and removes all kinds of stains from pet urine to coffee spills and even wine!
  • Ensures that the cleaned areas blend in to areas that do not need to be cleaned; avoids leaving your carpet looking inconsistent.
  • Cleans up without leaving any kind of noticeable damage or weakness to the fibers in the carpet.
  • Gets rid of odours and other features from the carpet while leaving it closer to its just-bought condition.


With this, you get a two-year limited consumer warranty that gives you access to treatment for defective hardware and workmanship issues within a two-year period of purchase. However, this does not apply to any commercial use. To get your warranty you will need to contact the Rug Doctor team. You should contact the Rug Doctor team via rugdoctor.com.


  • The high power motorized brushing can lift the gloom from even the most stained of carpets.
  • 5” cleaning path ensures that it gets deep, helping to remove as much dirt and grime from the carpet and leaving it looking fantastic.
  • Very small size but large 33 ½” handle height ensures you have easy access on narrow spots like stairs.
  • Two-tank system ensures that it can easily be used for longer periods of time, with a 64oz water tank and 38oz dirty liquid tank for easy usage.
  • Excellent 15ft power cord and 5ft hose ensures that you have the easiest possible way to control your cleaning despite the portable nature of the hardware.


  • Not great for cleaning whole rooms, but spots in rooms.
  • The dirty water tank has a side opening – make sure you don’t hit it by mistake.
  • Keep an eye on the water tanks; while durable they can break in the wrong circumstance.


Without doubt, the solid and stable nature of the Portable Rug Doctor Cleaner makes it a welcome choice for those looking for easy compatibility and control. If you are in need of a portable solution that can help you get spots and spills to avoid having to get a larger piece of kit out, this is a good choice for you.


A very useful selection for anyone who is looking for a more creative choice of cleaner, so long as you remember its limitations. Other than that, it’s a fine choice for a portable, lightweight cleaner that you can easily rely upon to do the job.