8. Neato Botvac D5 WiFi Connected Navigating Robot Vacuum

For many people, the Neato Botvac D5 is a very impressive, easy to use robot vacuum that does much of what you would expect it to. A very easy to use and efficient model, this gives you all the help that you could require to start cleaning up the house without anything like the challenges faced today. How good, though, is the Botvac D5 now it’s been out for a little while?

  • Image Courtesy of neatorobotics.com


  • Easy to control and efficient management smartphone. You can set schedules, receive push notifications and manage the cleaning process even when you are far outside of your house!
  • Simple location finder to make sure that you know where your robot is at all times when he’s cleaning the place.
  • Smart navigation keeps this well on point, with a very smart technological add-on making sure it can easily navigate and manage even the most specific of room layouts, helping it clean up your home without any issues.
  • Works on all styles of flooring, making it great for everything from stone kitchen floors to hardwood, laminate and carpets.
  • Gets into the crevices and edges of a room to help catch the parts of the room where dust truly builds up and develops an extensive amount of coverage.
  • High-quality performance delivers a clean, finely brushed and impressive finish. A top quality solution for handling lingering allergens and other typical problems that linger around in the air, particularly for pet owners.


Like all good Neato products, Neato Botvac D5 comes with a simple and accessible 1 -year warranty solution. You can make use of this warranty by simply contacting Neato after purchase and filling in the details of your purchase, making management of the model much easier. Please note that warranty only covers domestic usage, excluding batteries.


  • Neato Botvac D5 is very good when it comes to handling carpet surfaces. Versatile and easy to handle on all flooring types, but handles carpets without any real issues.
  • Simple and smart movement helps it to dodge objects and avoid you coming home to a property that looks like it has been invaded.
  • A gentle touch that avoids it from banging into objects and causing items to be moved, bruised or smashed in any way, shape or form.
  • 2 hour cleaning time makes this a very reliable option for anyone who would like a model that looks after itself.


  • Wi-Fi issues can mean that the system can be hard to connect to via app at times, which can be an irritant.
  • Lack of display makes it hard to control and look after the model without watching it carefully all the time.
  • Syncing issues due to passwords not being recognized is increasingly common, too.


This easy to use vacuum cleaning, Neato Botvac D5, is one of the better models on the market. Versatile and capable of handling itself in most circumstances, you should find this pretty easy to work with for the most part. A good, reliable option that does not too much to try and reinvent the wheel, but keeps that wheel turning at good speed.