11. Hoover UH20040 Sprint QuickVac Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover is one of those of vacuum cleaner brands that carry a wide selection of upright vacuums. Most of their products like T-SeriesTunnel and WindTunnel have acquired many positive reviews. Another product from the company, which you might want to consider is the
Hoover UH20040 Sprint QuickVac. It’s lightweight and small design makes it ideal for a one-door bedroom apartment. This review will help you determine if it’s a good fit for you as well.

  • Image Courtesy of hoover.com


– Long 23-foot power cord
– Affordable for an upright
– Versatile as it comes with a brush tool and wand plus crevice to clean crannies and nooks
– Wide 12.5 inches cleaning path
– The main filter is washable. Cost efficient when it comes to running experiences
– Includes HEPA filtration system, which stops microscopic dust and debris from coming back out
– Weighs 12.5 pounds, lightweight for an upright vacuum cleaner


– No cord rewind
– Small dirt capacity – requires being emptied often
– Noisy



Are you one of those people who have several kinds of a floor at home? You don’t need to buy different vacuum cleaners if you have this unit, as it comes with an adjustable nozzle for cleaning different kinds of a floor in spite of the surface. This is a nice vacuum cleaner, which you should need to keep inside your home to stay clean.


The Hoover UH20040 is an innovative technology, which set apart sufficient particles of dirt from reaching the filter. This denotes that you need to clean the filter less often. It also improves the performance of your machine so it will work well every time lifting debris, dirt and other particles from the carpet or floor.


Not every unit will do a good job when it comes to cleaning. Reaching these surfaces is complicated, and so the majority of people leave them untidy. Through the crevice tool covered in the vacuum cleaner, this becomes a hassle-free job to get the tight spots for a careful cleaning.


There were cases that it becomes more difficult to identify when the right time to clean your filter. In some vacuum cleaners, you are obliged to take out your filter so you can determine whether it needs washing or not. Stuff is easy on Hoover UH20040, as there’s a performance indicator, which informs you if you need to change the filter. Further, once you see the light goes green, then you need to eliminate the main filter for rinsing.


Hoover UH20040 Sprint QuickVac Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner comes with a 1-year warranty from the time of purchase as well as lifetime support from the company.


People searching for a budget fast pick up the vacuum to use in their small houses, Hoover UH20040 is the perfect vacuum cleaner. In spite of being upright, this product is light enough to lug around up and down stairs while keeping strong enough suction to clean the messes around the house.

The extension and hose want are good add-on features even though a few feet short for some people. This will be best used as a cleaner for those high-traffic areas in the home such as dining or living room if your home if it has wall to wall carpeting.