9. Hikeren DC 12-Volt Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner


Powerful suction that effectively works keeping car clear even little sands or dust on the floor.


Said to be decent suction but not really ideal for animal hairs in a carpet.


For common car vacuuming activities, this is a great vacuum considering its small and compact size. With all the design features and the storage bag it includes with, cleaning the car as well as keeping the vacuum and all its attachments all together is very easy. For a car owner who likes everything tidy, this is a highly recommended car vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming Performance

We’ve tried other car vacuum cleaners before, but we found this Car Vacuum Cleaner by Hikeren a truly outstanding choice. It features a really strong suction with HEPA filter that it was capable of cleaning the littlest details on our car including dust, crumbs and pet hair.

Having an extended mouth, Hikeren’s upgraded handheld car vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning every corner of the car. But it isn’t only the strong, extended suction that we found the reasons for its great performance, there is also the fact that it comes with a brush that can be used for thorough cleaning of the car.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Indeed, using Hikeren’s car vacuum cleaner is truly convenient. With its power cable capable of extending up to 5 meters long hose, we were able to easily vacuum normal and even damp garbage out of my car. It didn’t have to use anything else to clean our car as this car vacuum cleaner takes care of everything else for us.

The very design of the vacuum also makes up for its ease of use. Unlike with other car vacuum cleaners, this doesn’t have any complicated instruction for use. To turn it on, we simply have to push the switch forward and it begins working. To turn it off, then we only need to pull it backward and it’s off. This is all so easy that we could help but use it again and again.

New Generation Design Features and Extra Accessories

The new generation of the 12-volt vacuum cleaner by Hikeren also comes with outstanding design features. It’s not only easy to use and a tough cleaner, it also features a low noise design with 75db which gives quite a comfortable usage. That, plus it comes with a 10A current fuse, which we find really helpful in avoiding power supply damage.

Car owners will also surely love the added accessories to this car vacuum cleaner. Along with the cleaner itself, the package comes with three accessories – the brush, the soft hose and the hard hose. Each one can be used for a variety of cleaning with the brush for when there’s something sticking out of your car, the soft hose for the leather and the hard hose for under the seat or the trunk.


This Car Vacuum Cleaner 12 Volt New Generation by Hikeren is a real treat for a car owner. With the better cleaning performance, ease of use and added features, it goes to say it is one of the best car vacuum cleaners you can find for an affordable price out there.