5. Dirt Devil UD20015 Quick Lite Plus Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  • Image Courtesy of dirtdevil.com


Easy set-up, effective and user-friendly application 

With the help of Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Quick Lite UD20015, busy people will now be able to maintain cleanliness within their space, save more time and effort with all the cleaning activities. It’s really easy to set up, just a few quick snaps and a screw and that’s it.

Powerful suction

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Quick Lite UD20015 can successfully suck up about 3 canisters even on the very first use. Even if you have a medium sized house with plenty of carpets, you will be surprised that this vacuum cleaner can pick up all the dirt and dust.

Affordable price 

Apart from its amazing features and outstanding cleaning results, you have Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Quick Lite UD20015 at a very affordable price. Since this vacuum is equipped with a small head, it can perfectly fit and vacuum even smaller areas of your home that need attention. This is great for smaller spaces like between the furniture.


Short 20 ft. power cord

Although 20 ft. power cord will help you reach particular areas, still you have to exert effort in moving plugs for you to clean your entire living rooms.


With Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Quick Lite UD20015, you get no worry about cleaning your space even during your busy schedules for it offers you lots of benefits. From efficient result to low maintenance, you have the best decision to have this kind of vacuum cleaner.

This amazing vacuum cleaner is already released on the market to fulfill people’s cleaning requirements. The Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Quick Lite UD20015 serves to be a powerful tool for everyone to have a convenient, easy and fast cleaning process.


Cyclonic Technology

The Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Quick Lite UD20015 is a type of vacuum that is lightweight yet powerful in cleaning your entire space. It is an ideal vacuum for you to have this because it is effective in cleaning a wider surface a shorter period of time compared to other vacuum cleaners in the market.

Premium Stretch Hose, Lightweight and Compact

Dirt Devil Quick Lite UD20015 is equipped with 8” premium stretch hose, meaning it enables you to extend the vacuuming reach making it quite flexible to clean areas that are hard to reach. Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner UD20015 is famous for its compact size and light weight about 9 lbs, so it is really convenient to use in case you need a quick dirt clean up or even daily cleaning.

Revolving Brush and HEPA Filtration Filter

This vacuum cleaner is effective in cleaning carpets and bare floors, especially an ideal one for studio/1 bedroom apartments or even small homes. It has a revolving brush that is used to lift dirt more completely compared to suction process alone. Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Quick Lite UD20015 features 20 ft power cord, 7-amp motor, dust brush, HEPA filtration and crevice tool.


The Dirt Devil UD20015 vacuum cleaner is covered with 1-year parts and motor warranty for your guaranteed satisfaction.


Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Quick Lite UD20015 is a great advantage for those people having smaller spaces for they can effectively clean even the hard to reach spots. So, if you think vacuum cleaner can meet your requirements, you need to grab one to maintain the cleanliness within your area.