3. Deik Vacuum Cleaner – High-power Long-lasting 22.2V 2200mAh Li-ion Battery Bagless Stick and Handheld Vacuum

When it comes to finding a good quality of vacuum cleaner, this Deik Vacuum Cleaner tends to come pretty highly recommended. Why, though? Why so many rate it as one of the best forms of vacuum cleaner on the market at this moment in time?

  • Image Courtesy of deik.co


  • Very lightweight design ensures that you should have no problems at all in getting this around at a meagre 4.7lbs.
  • 2V Lithium Ion battery offers you a very strong performance, though around 20-25 minutes of runtime may be less than you needed. The powerful suction caused by the DC motor ensures it can give you plenty of performance in that short time, though.
  • Useful wand solution for cleaning up high and getting to everything – including those dust particles that you can see on the ceiling!
  • High quality filtration and brush roll ensures that it can clean well and get rid of as many allergens and irritants in the air as is possible.
  • Comes with plenty of easy to use guides to help you get full mastery of your Deik Vacuum Cleaner in no time at all.


This comes with a pretty decent one-year warranty that is about as comprehensive as you could expect when investing in a vacuum cleaner. While it does not cover commercial use, and only for domestic home cleaning use, it’s a very impressive warranty that, from our research and experience, very few have ever had any real issues with.


  • Very strong suction power ensures that this delivers on a vacuum cleaner that is versatile, strong and very effective in most normal ways.
  • Very lightweight so getting it up and down stairs are not really an issue – the Deik Vacuum Cleaner is one of the lightest we have come across in some time in terms of just general ease of movement.
  • Good cleaning quality ensures that it isn’t picky; this Deik Vacuum Cleaner offers a fine cleaning option on both wood and carpet flooring for a smooth, simple option.


  • The battery has a rather minimal running time and it cannot be swapped out, meaning that you are left with a mediocre cleaning time on a regular basis, which can be rather annoying.
  • It cannot stand free so make sure you give it some kind of means of leaning or storing when you put it away or you can expect to hear it drop and smash! Durable enough to handle drops, but best avoided when possible.


This particular Deik Vacuum Cleaner is a good piece of kit, one that we would be happy to recommend. The 2-in-1 removable cordless hand vac is great for getting into smaller areas, and the large suction power of 7Kpa ensures it produces plenty of ‘boom’ – making it well worth your time and money.


With all manner of useful add-ons and extras, the Deik Vacuum Cleaner offers a very powerful option for anyone who is looking for quality, consistency and quality. The HEPA-level filtration makes sure you know that you are buying a piece of kit that can deliver on what you ask for.