9. Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier by Blue Air with Particle and Carbon Filter for Allergen and Odor Reduction

The Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier is a very regularly purchased piece of equipment, having grown very popular in a short space of time those who are looking for an air purifier that can reduce allergens in the air, manage odors and manage carbon and particle filtration better than before. How good, though, is this system? Does the Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier live up to expectation?

  • Image Courtesy of blueair.com


  • Simple and easy one-button activation makes sure that you can get your room purified as soon as possible. Easy and effective to use but also comes with one of the highest levels of filtration for any filters in this particular class range.
  • 360-degree air intake makes it very powerful for all manner of reasons, offering you one of the most effective and efficient forms of air filtration on the market as and when you are looking for it.
  • Great at removing smog, smoke, dust, pollen and other irritating air particles which can improve breathing quality.
  • Removes odor and can make even the stalest of rooms smell a whole lot fresher for all manner of reasons.
  • Various color schemes available, too, which is good for those who want their filtration system to fit in with the theme of the room!
  • Fully recyclable component ensures that it can be used again in the future when it finally dies out.


Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier by Blue Air comes with a very impressive warranty of 1 year from the date or purchase from all verified retailers. As ever, we recommend that you contact the support team at Blueair if you are not sure of anything to do with the warranty platform; they are quite specific on what will and will not be accepted, so be sure to read more into warranty specs.


  • Great for those who are looking to get a more energy efficient purifier, giving you all the help that you could need to keep the place super safe and simple.
  • Made from entire eco-friendly and recyclable components, making it totally safe for usage in the long-term.
  • Designed to handle all medium and large rooms, ensuring you can use this cost-effective solution for larger rooms.
  • 360-degree air intake makes sure it is as effective and as efficient as you could need it to be.


  • A little cumbersome to get set up and to move around due to its relative bulk.
  • A lot louder than some might be prepared to put up with; if you are used to a quieter filer, this might not be for you.


Powerful and effective yet loud and cumbersome, the Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier is a very good purifier with some very old faults. While it might not be perfect, though, the Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier is still a very interesting piece of kit.


Great for anyone who needs a purifier for larger rooms, not great for the bedrooms of those who need very specific conditions to sleep within due to the noise.