4. Bissell PowerLifter 1622 PowerBrush Upright Deep Cleaner

The BISSELL PowerLifter 1622 Power Brush is a piece of kit that has gathered quite a positive reputation as a strong mid-level cleaner. If you are looking for something that is in a relatively decent range in terms of general power and performance, is this something worth investing in?

Does it do the job that you need with regards to your requirements? Can it help you keep the house as spotless as needed?

  • Image Courtesy of bissell.com


  • Smart 8oz formula is provided with the product so that you can see how heavily this can clean with the right equipment.
  • Powerful, effective suction help to make sure that dirt is sucked out of the carpet and cleaned out with the utmost of simplicity.
  • High power machinery that use a 2-in-1 tank to make sure that the water is separate without making clean-up a challenge.
  • The nozzle can come off, making it easy for you to use various other tools. Also the measuring cup and lint screens can be removed if you need them to be.
  • Powerbrush moves in four separate directions to help make sure it makes cleaning as quickly as possible


Like all BISSELL equipment, it comes with a relatively fair warranty, though it is of just 1-year. It covers you for basic use and will not cover you for commercial use, for negligence, for personal damage and for any kind of ‘routine maintenance’ components like bags, belts, brushes and filers. As ever, contact BISSELL Consumer Care via their website at bissell.com


  • Very easy to use thanks to the lightweight nature of the machinery.
  • An extremely powerful cleaning product that uses smart solutions to help make cleaning fast.
  • Less movement needed in a room as it cleans in all directions as you move.
  • Easy to carry thanks to the lightweight, simple nature and the added long chord.
  • Strong and reliable solution that, with the right cleaning product, can work wonders on a budget.


  • Cleaning product is expensive and on larger jobs will run out relatively quickly.
  • Lack of tools for getting in and around the smaller and harder to reach areas.


Overall, BISSELL 1622 PowerLifter Power Brush is a very good piece of hardware that would make sense for those who are limited in what they can afford to buy. With a lack of tools and the fact it’s not a greater deal of life to use, it’s more suited to those who have smaller homes or an apartment without too many carpets.


A fine and fun choice for those who have carpets in minimal amounts, it can help to make cleaning fast. It’s got greater power but not a huge amount of lifespan, and the fact that it cannot handle larger, longer cleans might make it hard for those who have larger homes to get the use out of it they needed.