3. Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner Machine

When looking for something that does the job that you need, the BISSELL 86T3 ‘Big Green’ is one of the most respected of its kind. It’s a very powerful system, providing massive levels of efficiency and cleaning control. Not only can it deep down into carpets, but it offers a range of cleaning solutions that will ensure you can make your cleaning so much simpler than it may have been in the past.

At close to $400, though, is investing in the 86T3 worth your time, or can you perhaps find better value elsewhere?

  • Image Courtesy of bissell.com


  • Strong and steady cleaning solution backed up with easy forward and backward movement.
  • Comes with the 2x professional Deep Cleaning Formula for incredible cleaning.
  • Rotatable DirtLifter brushes ensure that dirt is brought out of the carpet with the most ease.
  • Tools provided for areas that you cannot reach.
  • Rotating dirt lifter ensures that dirt is removed even from the deepest crevices of a carpet.


With a rather impressive 5-year limited warranty, this covers you for a variety of issues. Protecting personal rather than commercial use, this does not apply to parts like the fans, filters, belts and brushes. Also, excessive negligent use, abuse, unauthorized repairs and any other use not in accordance with the agreement will not be covered. To claim, be sure to contact BISSELL Consumer Care at bissell.com


  • Comes with all manner of tools, from the 24oz bottle of cleaning formula that should last a long time.
  • 5” cleaning path, ensuring that it captures and cleans as much as it can in one single move.
  • 6” stain attachment tool for easier and more effective cleaning and management.
  • 75 capacity in the removable water tank which makes cleaning super simple and thorough. Ensures you spend more time cleaning and less time emptying the tank.
  • Power brushing ensures that it gets rid of more dirt than many hardware of a similar stature and power.


  • Very heavy machine in comparison to some of its competitors – can be hard to cope with at first when you are unsure.
  • Lack of water heater ensures that water can gradually cool as time goes on for longer cleans.
  • No edge cleaner amongst its tool which means it can be hard to get that perfected finish on awkward spots.


Overall? The BISSELL 86T3 Deep Cleaning Carpet Machine does the job that you ask of it. Strong, sturdy, reliable and effective – if you are looking for a high-power solution this is it. The 5-year warranty is nice, too, though it is quite specific about what it covers.


Equipped with all the tools needed to do a stellar job, this offers you all the help and assistance that you could need to clean up at home without any issue. It does a better job than both thanks to its multi-direction cleaning but the weight and overall bulk might put those of a more diminutive stature off it.

Overall, though? Excellent.